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PK/PKH Pedal Force Meter
The PK/PKH pedal force meter has been specially developed for vehicle inspection application. The series 2.x measures forces, which act on the brake pedal and on the handbrake. The Series 1.0 is used to measure the force of a handbrake lever of motorcycles. The easy attachment is done by means of clamping bracket or a strap.
• Pedal force measurement
• Hand force measurement
The measured values can be issued in two ways: One option is with an integrated amplifier as analogue signal, the second option is in combination with a handheld including direct view of the values on the display. With the HT 2.0 handheld the values can be displayed and issued as an analogue signal. The maximum measuring values can be stored.
Phone: +49 (0) 6441 446 747 0