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MT Pulse Transducer, LHS Laser Height Sensor,
DRS Speed Sensor, PK Pedal Force Meter, I-LOG,
PFM Fuel Consumption, CLSx Measuring Wheel
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Service as it should be
Our service covers calibrations and special solutions that are implemented according to customer requirements. Our goal is to provide optimal solutions for all purposes. Especially in the area of special solutions and specially adapted products, our commitment to our customers is evident.
• Calibration
• Repairs
• Trainings
• Customized solutions
• Fast response time
Our fast, reliable processing of service shows our claim extremely customer-oriented, and with a personal touch commitment to act. Thanks to short processing times, your measuring equipment is quickly ready for use again. With our internal quality management, we offer you extensive services.
Phone: +49 (0) 6441 446 747 0